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Holoteq is a complete unique smart solution provider in Qatar. We offer complete creative management services, production, entertainment, event coordination, high-quality activities, and event promotion.
Our vision is to be a brand international group to provide ambitious businesses with awesome solutions to complete their success.

Latest News

Holoteq Qatar has decided to open a new branch in Michigan Downtown Detroit, U.S by mid-year 2015, to offer the the global market access to the full range of Holoteq's products and services.
Holoteq looks after for creative people to support their creation at all fields (material, legal or advertisement)
For the first time in the middle east, Holoteq was the first company who implemented the new technology of car projection mapping with live drawing feature that allows you to paint and create your design onto a car using touch screen.
Our new website has been published in a way that you can follow all of our latest services in the field of smart advertising solutions.

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New Ideas and Innovations

Our services are currently covering

Live Events Services Commercial Advertising Campaigns Software Development Web Development Qatar UAE

Meet the team

Our creative minds will make your ideas possible

  • Nabil Atiea

    Success comes from constantly believing in it.

  • MHD Khashaneh

    We either find a way, or we create one.

  • MHD Essah

    Alone you go faster, but together we go further.

  • Ichal Rasyid

    If your life is boring, change its mode from grayscale to RGB.

  • Naeem Barakat

  • Gulzar Ahmad

    To handle yourself, use your head. To handle others, use your heart.

  • Farazdaq Al-Assadi

    Creativity has no end.

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Our customers

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What we do?

Our services are available throughout the country to assist companies, organizations, fairs & festivals, families, event venues, and resort properties present highly-effective events.
We offer solutions in a wide variety of:

  • Events Solutions

    3D Projection Mapping, Video & Audio, LED Screens, Interactive Performance, 3D Hologram, Stage Design.

  • Advertising Solutions

    LED Screens, LED Mobile Advertising Trucks, Video Editing & Production, Virtual Assistant, Hologram Box.

  • Software Solutions

    Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications, Web Applications, Exams Systems.

  • Conference & Education Solutions

    Stage Projection, Interactive Presentation, Media Control, Microphones & Sound.

  • Exhibition Solutions

    Virtual Assistant, Tradeshows, Billboard Graphics, AV & Interactive Media

  • PR & Marketing Solutions

    E-Marketing, Social Media Management, Research & Planning, Advertisement.

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Where we are?

Doha, Al Sadd, Al Waab St. Ritaj Building, Ground Floor.